Remember when you were younger...  How life was better, people were more carefree ?
How politicians were more honest, prices were lower, television was more entertaining

and how people were kindand innocent​ ?
It's called Nostalgia. It's the feeling that everything used to be better in the past,
the misconception that the world was different. Have you ever considered that it may be YOU who was different ?

'Cos  there has always been war, hunger and poverty and there always will be.
'Cos humans have always possessed feelings of fear, anger ,  envy, sadness and lonliness, and they always will.

But when you were a child, you confronted war with a water pistol. Hunger and thirst was satisfied by the mere thought of a tea party and poverty was overcome by a simple game of monopoly.

Perhaps it's time to start being playful and not taking people, principles, situations and LIFE so seriously again.

Perhaps the "logic" and the "maturity" imposed on us at home, at school, at work, is just a way of squaring the circle, a way to molded the human nature!  Each and every one of us has been a child and no matter what upbringing you may have had, good or bad, you were always carefree as a child. Through this happy-go-lucky attitude you were given the opportunity to see things differently, with optimism and hope. You could dream and make the impossible, possible !

So... what are you waiting for? Come out and πλAy !!!

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